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For years, the vacation rental market operated with little improvements. We strongly believe big-data, and machine-learning will disrupt this industry. Building upon Airbnb's monetization, subsequently creation of new asset class, we're passionate about bringing our know-how to meld the sharing economy and traditional real estate investing to our clients.

Marbella Lane Corporation analyze vacation rental available inventory using big data to maximize ADR, RevPAR thru Yield Management (Pricing Engine). In effect, we maximize returns for investors' capital deployment. We aggressively evaluate, optimize financial investment resources, to articulately decide when to lease for cash flow returns versus invests for real estate appreciation.

Our data driven approach is proven to locate lucrative markets, identify ideal investment zones, down to specific property type selection to deliver high rates of free cash flow. Our industry leading revenue management, investment explorer, single-master calendar, channel marketing, including turn-key management of properties, is a comprehensive solution for successful deployment of investors capital in hospitality, and real estate sectors.

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